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I'm not saying it's a definite possibility but certainly if nothing gets done then we need to look at all avenues in order to secure a deal. "Yeah no doubt, no [we won't be backing down]. We have a clear direction from all 850 players who we as a [Players Association] represent and it's not until they satisfy our needs as players that we'll be satisfied." Back in the jungle, whilediscussingthe issue, Price suggested the AFL CEO earned more like $3 million. "How a player isn't making the most money in the AFL is beyond me. Yet the highest paid player is probably $1.2 million, maybe," said Swan. When asked if he was the best he replied: "At a certain point probably. I won the Best and Fairest three times so probably in three years." He wenton to say that his weight, and being considered "fat" for AFL, also helped sell newspapers. "Look, I sold papers ...When you got the highest profile in the biggest team in the country, and especially when it's negative - Collingwood sells papers, especially when it's negative." Laterduringthe new doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 Steve Price "radio" segment, Swan expanded upon his career in the AFL and off-field antics. "So I got drafted, I was 17, I was far too lazy, lazier than what I was at the end of my career.

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